Be Proactive

Students who are proactive outside of school tend to develop their academic skills and life skills that are required to move into the workforce.

  • It is a well-known fact that extra-curricular activities can enhance your life chances.
  • It is essential that you plan your future and demonstrate to a possible career your enthusiasm at an early stage. As an example, 50% of RAF flight crew joined Air Cadets when they were at school.
  • By joining clubs outside of school, you will have more to put on your curriculum vitae or your personal statement when you are applying for an apprenticeship/employment or university course.


Students interested in the following careers should consider the following:

Armed Forces

If you are considering a career in the Armed Forces then joining the Cadets will give you a flavour of the things that you will be doing in the future.

Air Force



Royal Navy

Sea Cadets


Medical related careers

There are a large number of different careers within the health care sector. However, some of them can be exceptionally competitive. Volunteering and joining organisations will develop the skills required and will enhance your success when applying for a university place or an apprenticeship.

Most hospitals offer work experience for Post 16 students but these opportunities can be very competitive and some require a curriculum vitae. You can get advice on writing a good curriculum vitae (CV) by logging onto Unifrog to which all Harris Year 12 students have access. Students who have done some additional voluntary work will stand out from the crowd. There are a number of charities who would welcome volunteers and it would be worth looking in your area to find suitable opportunities.

St. Johns Ambulance

Red Cross


Ellenor is geographically specific for the Bexley and Kent area.


I Will


Sports Related Careers

Students who are keen on physical activities should join a club. Most sports, particularly team sports, develop a wide range of skills. People who compete in competitive sports tend to have good communication skills, excellent leadership skills and demonstrate a drive and determination that a number of employers are looking for. They are also very healthy!

There are a wide range of clubs in your local area. It is worth spending some time researching and joining a club that offers you the location the right level of competition and develops those all-important life skills. Ask your PE department for ideas as well.


Performing Arts/Arts

If you have a keen interest in a career in performing arts of the arts generally, then you need to be very active outside of school. These careers can be very competitive and students need to develop good networking skills. The more performances or related extracurricular classes that you have been involved with, the better. This develops your self- confidence and raises your profile which is also key to a career in either drama, dance or writing/photography, etcetera. For example, if you want to be an actor or a singer, you need to join a community group or similar to provide evidence of your dedication and skills; if you want to be an animator should do regular life drawing classes; if you want to do creative writing, you should be involved in your school magazine or a writing club, etc.

Interviews for performing arts or any of the above nearly all require a portfolio of work which is more easily achieved when you have been active in schools/clubs outside of school. When considering a career in the performing arts/arts, you should be aware of the various departments included, as well as just performing. You can also develop the skills of lighting and sound by getting involved at a young age.

By participating in performing arts clubs you will also develop self-confidence, improved communications skills and the art of expression.



There are a number of volunteering organisations that you can join and it is worthwhile spending some time researching into the different organisations and the types of volunteering that they offer.

By volunteering you will develop some additional skills that can enhance your CV.

Research into the following:

I Will


NCS Programme

Offers a once in a lifetime opportunity for 15 -17 year olds.

The programme is designed to:

Improves self-confidence by meeting new people and making new friends. It develops skills which enhances your CV and finally it gives you an opportunity of having an unforgettable summer.

University admissions tutors favour students who have been involved in NCS.



Fire Brigade

If you are interested in joining the Fire Brigade, then joining the cadets will give you an idea

Fire Cadets

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