What do Universities Offer?

If you are applying for sixth form, you will need to be thinking about university as well.

Many years ago, university education was considered important for very few people.  Many people left school at 16 or 18 and went straight into jobs.  Jobs were usually ‘for life’ and there were many unskilled or semi-skilled jobs from which to choose.  Nowadays, this just isn’t true.  With the arrival of computers, the internet and higher standards of education, everybody is now expected to stay in education until 18.  There are very few jobs that require unskilled workers and the job market is not predictable in the way it once was.  Many people will change jobs several times in their lives and will have to retrain often, to improve their skills. You will continue your education all your life, ‘topping-up’ as you go.

Staying on in sixth form education does not always mean staying at the same school.  You can choose from a range of traditional courses at different sixth form providers as well as considering apprenticeships.

These days, people do not often leave school without good Level 3 qualifications.  Most people expect to go on with their education and many of our students’ choose university.

University is a good idea for many reasons. Here are some of the best:

A good degree in any subject will help you to get an interesting job that pays well.

It’s nice to meet people who love the subject you have chosen as much as you do.

Studying a subject you are interested in will help develop your general thinking skills.

You are likely to meet really interesting and different people at university who will help stretch your life experience and broaden your horizons.

You will experience living somewhere different and this will increase your confidence.

You will get access to lots of fantastic facilities. Universities offer sports grounds, art galleries, keep-fit centres, music studios, theatres, etc. and you can take your pick of what facilities you want to use when you get there.

There are literally hundreds of clubs and societies at each university to suit every taste.

There are many cheap and fun events in which you can get involved – from music gigs and theatre productions to a wide variety of sports events.

Even during Covid19, universities will offer a great deal, with a mix of online and face to face teaching.  You should talk to your UCAS adviser and to the HEA team when deciding whether to go.

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