Preparing students for the Workplace

By the end of 2020, every student should have had at least 7 encounters with employers throughout their education, some of these encounters should be with STEM employers. Research has shown that more employer encounters will have a positive impact on the earnings of a student.

At Harris we are looking to increase the number of employer encounters that all students have during their time at one of our academies. For example:

Next Steps Event

Every spring term, Harris Crystal Palace hosts the Next Steps event which is organised by the careers team. This event is an opportunity for students alongside their parent/carers to attend a number of workshops delivered by universities and employers

Alongside the seminars there is a large market place event where the students can speak to a wide range of universities/further education colleges/employers about future opportunities. With a large number of academies in the vicinity of Harris Crystal Palace the event attracts in excess of a 1000 students. The students gain a huge amount of knowledge about future opportunities. This gives them a better understanding about the different pathways into different careers.

World of Work Day

In July, students in Year 12 who are considering entering employment after Year 13 have the opportunity to attend the World of Work Day alongside the other UCAS events. This event offers the opportunity to find out about apprenticeships and degree apprenticeship opportunities. Students are encouraged to attend three different workshops throughout the day.  The event gave the students the opportunity to find out about alternatives routes into different careers.
In addition, students are given access to Pathways seminars covering a broad range of work-related topics and to also attend online and live talks given by employers like the BBC.

Healthcare Careers Day

In December a Healthcare Careers event is organised at East Dulwich Girls. This is an opportunity for all students with an interest in a Healthcare Career to attend a number of different workshops.

For students interested in training to become a Doctor, they were fortunate to have a seminar on Medicine delivered by the University of Leicester. All students with an interest in a career in Medicine were encouraged to stay for the afternoon seminars. This gave the students the opportunity to hear about additional careers within the sector as they all work as part of a multi discipline team.

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