Researching the World of Work

Historically, on leaving education, most people chose their career area and followed that specific pathway for the rest of their working lives. However, life in the workplace is now very different with people working longer and changing employers/ jobs on a number of occasions.

The government’s lifelong learning agenda tries to ensure that they will you to develop the skills for a future both as an employee or as an employer. It is critical that you research into your career choice as some careers require specific subjects and some may require a university degree. Harris Federation prides itself on the comprehensive careers education programme that prepares the students for the world of work, whether this takes place following sixth form or following Higher Education.

The programme includes a number of key events:

Next Steps Event

Held in the spring at Harris Academy Crystal Palace. This event gives our students the opportunity to attend talks on different careers/apprenticeships and universities. The students benefit from discussing different opportunities with employers and universities in a market place event.


World of Work Day

Is held in July at Harris Upper Norwood.  This event is designed to help the students look at some of the apprenticeship/degree apprenticeship programmes that are on offer. Students can research into both Higher Education and the world of work.


Healthcare Careers Day

Is held in the autumn term. This is an event designed for students with an interest in careers within the National Health Service and private medicine. It is designed to allow students to find out about a range of healthcare careers.



From external speakers, either universities or employers, take place throughout the academic year across the Harris Federation, either within drop down days or thematic days or via assemblies.  Students have the opportunity to find out about a side range of different careers


Harris Experience

Offers some students a structured pathway to exploring some of the more competitive universities from Year 9 through to Year 13. For more information on this, follow the link to Harris Experience:

Harris Experience

Questions that our students may wish to consider

  • Do you wish to go to university?
  • Are there specific degree apprenticeships to choose in your chosen career?
  • What subjects are critical if any for your career choice?
  • Are you considering an industry/sector that is on the increase or declining?


Students who are still very undecided about different careers may wish to visit ICloud, where they can do a quick psychometric test in ‘Buzz Quiz’ which will analyse their personality and come up with some career areas that they may wish to research further.

On the ICould, there are a number of videos covering a wide range of careers which could help students find out about different opportunities that they may wish to consider for the future.

Students who are still undecided but know what subjects they enjoy have the opportunity to watch videos on careers that link to subjects. The one key aspect at this stage is to research!

The National Careers Service website

National Careers Service
The National Careers Service website has a wealth of information on a wide range of careers. It includes information about salaries, entry requirements, training routes, salaries and labour market information.

For students interested in support with either curriculum vitae or covering letters, there is also support on the National Careers Service website.



Students can further research their ideas on Prospects

UCAS (University College Admissions Service)

Students who know they definitely would like to study at University should spend some time on UCAS:


As this website offers information on the thousands of degrees that one can study at university.

It is important to look at the grade boundaries that the universities are looking for as well as any subjects that the University specifies for certain degree disciplines. Certain universities look for students with facilitating subjects or academic subjects so it is imperative that a student fully researches universities prior to choosing the subjects that they opt for in Sixth Form.

Researching prevents disappointment.

Our partners


We are fortunate to be working with Pathway CTM which, is an award winning Social Enterprise that is transforming employability training, support and opportunities for schools and students. We provide an award-winning programme to thousands of students throughout the UK, helping young people make informed decisions about their next step from leaving school. Often choices and opportunities are not clear enough for students, when in fact there are many amazing paths that are out there for each and every student.

Click below to vistit their website:



Unifrog is the one-stop-shop for all things careers and destinations. We provide an online platform where students in Key Stage 3,4 and 5 can explore their interests, then find and successfully apply for their best next step after school. We also help you and your colleagues to manage your careers strategy, achieve the Gatsby Benchmarks and manage the progression process efficiently & effectively and analyse students' destinations.

Click below to vistit their website:


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