Industry talk on Criminal Law

1st January

Ian Powel's industry talk on Criminal Law


We were fortunate to have Ian Powell and one of his colleagues from Tuckers Solicitors to deliver an industry talk on criminal law.

Ian grew up in South London and explained that when he was young, before he started his career he would always be the spokesperson if the Police ever approached his friends in the street. 

His school suggested a career in law and he then chose to enter law with his specific passion in criminal law. Criminal law and defence is more investigative work and trying to find evidence proving the individual is innocent. Ian mentioned that the introduction of mobile phones has changed the way that a solicitor who specialises in criminal law operates, as most evidence can now be found on a phone.

His colleague was spending an industrial placement with Tuckers Solicitor as she is an undergraduate from the University of Bournemouth. It was clear that she also found the aspect of Criminal Law challenging and exciting.

Ian challenged the students by discussing some of the more complex cases that he had worked on. He questioned the students to establish if they would have come up with some of the solutions to some of the cases that he had been party to. One young student identified how a man was convicted for a crime that he did not commit as she had worked it out that he had a twin who committed the offence.

This was an enlightening talk on criminal law which was appreciated by the students.


Industry talk

Ian powel




Written by Lesley Tannock
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